Organizing your posts - Say no to the forever scroll.

One of the most frustrating things when trying to find specific information about a team event, or uniform, or schedule change... etc. Is scrolling through a bunch of unrelated messages and responses. Cleated Up lets you Post and comment under that post keeping every one of those important messages organized.

  1. Select the team tab on the top bar, this ensures only your team sees this post.

  2. Click the "Blue Circle with the + sign.

  3. Choose to take a photo or video, pick a photo or video from your phone or post a message.

  4. If you chose one of the photo/video selections click next. If you selected to post a message skip to #5.

  5. The next screen allows you to write a message regarding your posts.

  6. Click Share and boom, post created.

  7. Click on the "Message" icon under any post you would like to comment on or if you would like to read comments your teammates have already left.